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Wealth and wealthy people in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is not shown in the list that we have used on this site as a reference for the level of average annual income within a nation.  However, according to the Business Insider, in 2019 the average per capita income in the Kingdom was $54,100 USD.  If you try to slot this in to the list of all countries, this puts Saudi’s rank at #14 in the world just behind Sweden, and just ahead of Australia.  Of course, the most important creator of wealth in Saudi Arabia is the national oil company, Aramco.   2018 MGM Research report on global millionaire populations shows that Saudi Arabia has over 51,000 millionaires, or those people that are known to have a net worth of at least 1 million USD.  This is about 0.3% of the population of world millionaires.  Given that the country has about 33 million people or about 0.004% of the world’s population, by just about any metric, Saudi Arabia is one of the wealthiest countries in the world.  In terms of the number of billionaires in the Kingdom, there is very little in the way of reliable information on numbers due to the secrecy of the wealthiest class there.

About Saudi Arabia high-limit sports betting providers:

There are three main things to consider when looking to wager  large stakes from Saudi Arabia as a VIP.  First, the company that you hope to deal with must  accept your registration from Saudi Arabia.  Many top brands do not serve GCC countries like the Kingdom.  This might seem obvious, but it is why this site exists, to save your time being wasted in visiting online bookmaker that do not serve Saudis.  Above, you can know with confidence that all providers that are listed will accept players from Saudi Arabia.  Second, you want to know that the company will allow for very high win limits or very high stake limits in a way that matches your own financial situation.  There is no point in playing at a site with relatively low limits.   The above eight sites are about as good as it gets in this regard.  The last, but important issue is how Saudi high-rollers can make and receive significant payments at these bookmakers, we address this issue in its own section below.   If for some reason you believe your concerns or questions about online sports betting within the Kingdom have not been fully addressed, you can find more complete information about Saudi Arabia betting sites and other associated issues for its citizens.

Making large payments for high stakes online betting from Saudi Arabia:

From Saudi Arabia, wire transfers allow for the single transactions with the highest value.  The transaction value for a bank transfer often exceeds 100,000 Euros or equivalent value.  Although this method allows for transfers of the most significant value, it might not be the most convenient or private method for wealthy bettors in the Kingdom that place a heavy premium on their time and their privacy.  Credit cards and debit cards are of course very convenient and tend to have maximum transaction values around the 40,000 Euro level or around 50,000 USD.  However, these payments may be linked back to your locally-based bank.   If you want to avoid this, the solution to could be to use an e-wallet.  E-wallets which are widely used by customers around the globe for online gambling and sports betting purposes.  E-wallets like MuchBetter, Skrill, Neteller and EcoPayz can offer nearly instant transactions that are similar in size to credit cards.  (PayPal, although it is a popular e-wallet, it cannot be used at these sites from the Kingdom.)  These e-wallets exist ‘off-shore’ which helps with privacy, as your locally-recorded transactions will be made toward the e-wallet, not the betting site.  The e-wallet acts as an intermediary, which adds this layer of privacy.  Another method for payments from Saudi is paysafecard.  This is a popular prepaid method for sportsbook or casino payments, but the denominations are very low for a VIP.  Bettors with significant means would need to buy many separate prepaid paysafecards to get to a high enough amount to make them worthwhile.

Which of the above VIP online sportsbooks for Saudis offer an early cash out feature:

The positive news is that all of the above betting sites support some manner of early bet cash out functionality so that Saudi customers may secure winnings or protect stakes before an event has reached its natural end.  

Do these companies provide any other kinds of online gambling to players in Saudi Arabia?

Yes.  Most of the above companies offer a full set of real money online gambling categories to Saudi customers in addition to their online sportsbook, as accessed via the same account and login.  Within these categories, there are always significantly higher limit versions of popular games.  All of the sites listed above offer access to both online and live casino games, that include numerous variations of blackjack, baccarat, roulette and slots games in addition to their sports betting services.  bet365 also offers a top-class online poker room experience.  Online poker is a lot tougher to find together with all these other gaming types as it requires a large customer-base so you can always get a game against real people around the world at any time of the day.

Saudi Arabia sportsbook bonuses for new customers

Most wealthy bettors in the Kingdom will not be overly concerned with whether or not they might get a bonus offer when they sign up and make their first deposit.  Most bettors are really just looking to find the right provider for their overall preferences or requirements.  However, if you would like to get a small bit of added value, the betting companies listed below all have offers for new customers that are valid from Saudi Arabia.  Terms and conditions apply.

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Notes about top level win limits, odds, features & SAR accounts

General daily maximum win limit of €100,000 or equivalent.  Elegant betting platform. Excellent early cash out feature & bet builder.  USD, EUR, BTC & ETH accounts.

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10Bet VIP Review

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Betway VIP Review

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Top tier football max daily win limit of £500,000 or equivalent. Football Tier 2 & other top sports £250,000. Very good early cash out feature. Bespoke platform.

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BetVictor VIP Review

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Top tier football max daily win limit of £500,000 or equivalent. Football Tier 2 & other top sports £100,000.  Excellent top-level football odds.

bet365 have essentially the highest win limits we have ever reviewed. Due to their wishes, we cannot discuss their actual limits, but they are ranked here for a reason.

bet365 VIP Review

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The best high-limit sports betting sites for wealthy people in Saudi Arabia: Top online bookmakers for Saudi VIPs & high-rollers.

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