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Wealth and wealthy people in Canada

According to an MGM Research report on global millionaire populations, in 2019, Canada had over 459,000 millionaires.  Note that for the purposes of the study, these are people that had net assets of more than 1 million US dollars (as opposed to Canadian dollars).   This is roughly 2.3% of the world’s share of millionaires.   It is likely no surprise that Canada has this many potential high-rollers.  Canada is #22 on the list for Average annual income at $44,860 (USD) per person.  This calculation takes the wealth of the entire country by Gross National Income and divides it by the population.  As of 2012, Canada had over 60 billionaires that are responsible for businesses and brands like Thomson Reuters, Rogers Communications, Irving Oil, eBay, Saputo, Apotex, Circque du Soleil and many more.

About Canada high-limit sports betting providers:

Online betting in Canada holds a strange position, whether you bet with high stakes or average stakes.  You are likely already aware of the various sports lottery games across the country that offer terribly low odds and require you to bet parlays.  In other words you cannot make a bet for the outcome of a single event.  This is down to an old Canadian law, which mandates no single event wagering of any kind.  So currently, even government-run corporations must avoid single game betting operations.

The caveat to this would be the First Nations gaming operators that are technically able to offer their own services outside of Canadian laws, while enjoying banking relationships with Canadian financial institutions.  Unfortunately, the betting limits for these companies are actually very low, which is not great for the high net worth people in Canada that may want to bet big.  In the end, know that Canadians can enjoy online sports betting as a consumer with no legal concerns whatsoever.  Laws restrict the operation of a gaming business, not the bettors.  With that stated, all of the best Canadian sports betting sites that we list all offer Canadian dollar accounts and banking methods with seriously high win limits.

Making large banking transactions for high stakes online betting from Canada:

Without a doubt, the largest possible sportsbook transaction will come via bank transfer.  Limits for these can be anywhere from 100,000 CAD to literally unlimited.  So for the true VIP, this could be your best option.  Simply take the given betting site’s bank wire details to your bank and have the information entered correctly with your account reference number.  Other methods that could work for high-limit bettors in Canada can include Instadebit.  This bank debit method is popular and depending on your chosen betting site, it could have significant limits, anywhere from $3,000 to $20,000 CAD.   Credit cards and debit cards can often also have very high limits depending on the given betting site, with limits from around 7,000 to 50,000 CAD.  Interac e-transfers are available at some betting sites above, but limits tend to top out around $3,000 and that is set by Interac, not the betting sites that accept Interac.

Which of the above high stakes betting sites for Canadians offer an early cash out feature:

All of the above online sportsbooks offer some manner of early cash out feature so you may secure a win or protect stake money before your event has reached its natural end.

Odds comparisons for sporting leagues that are popular in Canada

If you are looking to bet big, you know that getting high odds could be a prudent decision.  Getting the highest odds comes through odds comparison.  The top service for this for Canadians is a site called  No matter what league you’re interested in, they can help you find the top-paying bookie.  The difference can be big, 20 to 50 per cent, especially when you bet on parlays or round robins, or if you like futures bets on the winner of events like the World Series , Super Bowl, Stanley Cup  or even golf events like the Masters or tennis events like Wimbledon .  If you are laying significant stakes as a high-roller, imagine you are being offered 20, 30, 40 per cent or even higher for your bets of interest?  Why would you leave that money on the table when odds comparison has been made so quick and easy?

Is online sports betting even allowed in Canada - is it legal?

Through 2020, Canada remained what some term to be a ‘grey market’.  Players in Canada could not bet on single events through providers that operate in Canada, such as the locally run provincial betting sites and sports lottery games.  The local law prohibited single-event wagering in the country, mandating parlays.  This pushed many players to move to ‘offshore’ providers that legally operate from their gaming  jurisdictions in Europe or elsewhere.  However, in June 2021, new Canadian legislation was passed so that this archaic law with regard to the prohibition of single-event betting was be amended.  This development means that the incumbent ‘offshore’ wagering providers will be able to apply for local licenses where available in order to serve their existing customers in a more competitive fashion.  It also means that other, new entrants to gaming and sports betting will likely emerge into the Canadian market.  This will all happen at the provincial level, as provinces are in charge of gaming oversight and regulation in Canada.  Ontario will be the first province to put this in action in a wide manner as it looks to open an uncapped market system where online sportsbook providers can apply for licenses to serve Ontario.  With these iGaming licenses, the AGCO will thus permit the existence and operation of fully licensed & legal Ontario betting sites.  For coverage of the new Canadian sports betting landscape, check out SportNation Bet Canada for all the latest news developments.

The best high-limit sports betting sites for wealthy people in Canada: Top online bookmakers for Canadian VIPs & high-rollers.

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