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Notes about top level win limits, odds & features*

General daily max win limit of €100,000 or equivalent.  Elegant betting platform. Top early cash out & bet builder. Direct Crypto betting accounts available: BTC & ETH.

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10Bet VIP Review

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Betway VIP Review

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Top tier football max daily win limit of £500,000 or equivalent. Football Tier 2 & other top sports £250,000.  Very good early cash out feature.  Bespoke platform.

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BetHard VIP Review

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General daily maximum win limit of £100,000 or equivalent.  Solid football odds, excellent platform, robust early cash out feature.  

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Unibet VIP Review

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Top tier football max daily win limit of £250,000 or equivalent. Football Tier 2 & other top sports £100,000. Bet Builder. Simple early cash out.

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BetVictor VIP Review

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Top tier football max daily win limit of £500,000 or equivalent. Football Tier 2 & other top sports £100,000.  Excellent top-level football odds.

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Won bet limit €100,000. Daily win limit €250,000. Weekly win limit €500,000.  These vary by your account currency.

Betsafe VIP Review

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Betsson VIP Review

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Won bet limit €100,000. Daily win limit €250,000. Weekly win limit €500,000.  These vary by your account currency.

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* These win limits are provided for ease of comparison.  Detailed win limits are available to read within the ‘Betting Rules’ or ‘Sportsbook Rules’ at each respective betting site.  To understand the tier concepts, read on below.  Note that these win limits do not include any stake money - they are the profit figures.  In other words these are the limits after any associated stakes have been subtracted from the amount that is returned to you.

What characteristics are important for VIP sports betting site that allows high stakes?

You are a VIP.  You are a high roller.  When you want to bet on sports, you need to find an online sportsbook that suits the way  that you will play.  Let’s be honest, most betting sites try to attract the average bettor with sign-up bonuses for 50, 100 or 200 dollars or Euros.  However, you are not average.  A true VIP could not care less about these offers.   As a true VIP sports bettor, you need to be able to find a betting site that offers a unique combination of high win-limits or high stakes, high odds and available banking methods that allow for large transactions.  Above, you will find our list for the top betting sites for wealthy people with a great mix of these characteristics.  As not all betting sites serve all national markets, we have refined this list so you can find the best high-limit sportsbooks by country, see these at right.

Why are high win limits important?  Aren’t all betting sites the same?

There are a lot of fantastic online sportsbooks that serve different markets around the world.  However, a lot of popular brands set relatively low win limits as many brands target average people as customers.  Low daily winning limits of £/¤/$50,000, or sometimes even less, help to protect bookmakers against winning combination wagers or accumulators with extremely long odds, usually placed with modest stakes, by average bettors.  In other words, low win-limits prevent large, fluke losses.   

Thus, if you are interested in betting and potentially winning extremely large amounts of money whether through single bets, combination bets (aka parlays or accumulators) or system wagers (aka round robin or permutations), generally speaking, you will need to play with long-established companies that are extremely liquid and that are used to dealing with an extremely high volume of wagers from a large customer-base.   In addition, ideally, your bookmaker of choice will offer you highly competitive betting odds as these odds determine your potential payouts.  These characteristics are those that were considered when screening for the sportsbooks identified in our list above and the national lists accessed at the right of your screen.   

Understanding how betting site win-limits apply to you as a high stakes bettor:

All of our top listed VIP betting sites employ daily win-limits.  In other words, they place a limit on the amount  that a single person can win (profit) in a single day, exclusive of any stake amounts.  However, for betting sites that wish to have very high daily win limits on the high end of the spectrum relative to lower limit bookies, they still need to protect themselves against certain risks.  They do this by creating win limits with tiers.  

Why do they do this?  It is very logical.  Here’s a question for you to demonstrate the logic of win limit tiers.  Let’s say there are two separate bets on two separate football (soccer) matches, and each bet if won would pay out ¤400,000 in profit.  Which bet do you think is more likely to be allowed, one on an English Premier League match result, or one on a match result in England, six divisions below the Premier League?    

The Premier League bet of course is more likely to be paid out in full.  Premier League match betting will no doubt be in the top tier grouping of the daily win limits given its popularity and the number of people betting on it.  The league and match result betting market are as popular as you can get, thus the betting action will be massive.  The bookmaker can easily balance their liability, even though your bet and potential win could be quite large.  However, the lower league match will not have anywhere near the betting action compared to the Premier League match.  Thus, a big stake and potential win liability may be impossible for the bookmaker to balance.  This is why lower division matches tend to get classified into a tier with a significantly lower win limit.

Beyond the leagues upon which you bet, you may also need to be mindful of the betting markets that you play.  The most popular ones like the match result, handicap, outright winners and totals markets tend to apply to the top win-limit tiers.  However, more obscure betting markets like player proposition bets or those that are focused on a very small portion of a result within a given match or event will tend to have daily win limits that are significantly below the top tier limits.  Action on these bets is just too low to have massive limits.  In the end, all of these limits are available to read within the ‘betting rules’ or ‘sportsbook rules’ at your chosen provider.

How tiered win limits affect you in a practical sense - what to look out for:

If you bet big and you enjoy combination bets (aka parlays or accumulators), you need to be concerned that you do not mix your tiers onto the same bet.  For example, if you were to place a combination bet on six top-level football match results, your combination bet will likely be classified within the top daily win limit tier - no problem.  However, if you mix in either a more obscure betting market or a match result from a more obscure league or competition, your overall combination bet would then be classified in the lower win limit tier that is associated with the more obscure bet.   Here are two examples:

Mixing in more obscure betting markets: With a high stakes betting site that has a top tier win limit of 500,000 Euros, your normal 6-result combination bet on top league match results will fit into this tier just fine.  However, if you had those same picks, but add a ‘first-team-to-score’ or ‘X-player to score’ result or similar market to your ticket, bets like this are likely in a win limit tier of just 25,000 to 50,000 Euros.  Thus your overall bet will adopt this lower limit once you add this more obscure bet.  Anything above this limit will be left on the table for the bookmaker to keep.

Mixing in results from more obscure leagues: If you place a bet with several Premier League match result selections in combination, but then you add in one or more match result selections from an amateur league, many divisions below, your entire combination bet would assume the lower win limit tier as associated with the amateur league.  Again, the likely win limit will be in the 25,000 to 50,000 Euro range,  meaning that you could be leaving money on the table compared to the listed potential payout on your ticket.

Why is this the case?  Note that betting sites in general will not warn you that your potential payouts are above their applicable win limits.  In other words, they will accept your bet, showing the potential payout as normal.  Only after the fact, if the bet wins, will they notify you that your bet payout will be limited as per their betting rules.  So, if you are truly going to test the win limits of a given betting site as a VIP or high-roller, you need to know the limits, how they are structured or framed against your sports and events of interest, then place your bets accordingly.  So whether it is just knowing the simple top tier win limit as you bet on match results, or whether you intend to mix your markets and leagues within the same ticket - know the rules and the limits.  Don’t place a bet that can never actually pay out for you.   

What sports leagues and betting markets tend to be in the top win limit tiers?

In a general sense, the most popular leagues and betting markets will be in the top win limit tiers.  This will be different for each particular betting site as some companies take more action on American sports than others.  In general, top level football (soccer) leagues and championships fall into the top tier like the Premier League, Ligue 1, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, UEFA Champions League and certain international events like the Euro or World Cup.

Top American leagues like the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB can also be in the top tier or in the second tier that also has very high limits, often in six-figures for a daily win limit.  Important golf and tennis events can also be within these top tiers, or have their own groupings with relatively high limits.    

High-Limit sportsbook banking methods: How VIP bettors make payments

Banking with your betting site of interest can be highly dependent on where you live.  Certain e-wallets and bank debit solutions are only available to customers of certain countries.  You can see more information on this if you find VIP betting sites by country.  Irrespective of this granularity and preference, the three highest limit banking methods are almost invariably 1) bank transfers, 2) Visa and Mastercard and 3) where available - MuchBetter.

When it comes to the absolute largest transactions, bank transfers are the best.   Sites will place a value limit but these limits are often well over one hundred thousand US dollars / Euros.  So by far, the bank wire transfer supports the largest single transactions.  

Visa and Mastercard transactions tend to be limited to around 40,000 Euros or currency equivalent.  These cards are certainly widely held and with limits this high, they are certainly the easiest way to make a significant deposit.  Note that Visa can also usually receive payments back to your card from the betting site.  MuchBetter can often have the same limits as these cards.

Other highly convenient bank debit and e-wallet solutions tend to have limits that range from 8,000 £/¤/$ to about 45,000 £/¤/$.  You can read more about these on our respective national VIP sports betting pages as these can vary by nation and by available national currency.

Odds and odds margins matter when you bet big

Low odds margins yield higher odds.  Over time, higher odds can give you a better chance at being profitable.  As most sports betting sites look to acquire new customers through free bet offers or sign-up bonuses, they also have higher odds margins ( lower odds) in order to recoup the cost of these bonus offers.  These sportsbooks tend to work with margins of around 5% to 8% on the most popular leagues and betting markets.  

But you intend to bet bigger than most people, so you don’t care about a $50 bonus offer that comes with a laundry-list of terms and conditions.  Higher odds mean much more to you than these so-called ‘bonus offers’.  That’s why it is important to consider the odds margins of each betting site as they pertain to the leagues and markets upon which you will bet.  For top football (soccer) leagues and market, BetVictor tends to hover around 3%.  Unibet and BetHard tend to be close to that level for soccer as well.  The rest of our betting sites tend to fall around the 5% margin rate for most top level events and markets.  Of course odds margins matter in a general perspective.  However, the highest odds for your unique bets of interest can vary between providers regardless of these approaches to odds margin.  The way to ensure you get the highest odds for your own bets of interest is through odds comparison.  This is the purpose behind odds comparison sites like that show you which bookies offer the best potential payouts for your single, combination or system bets.

Further understanding of the odds  

To understand sports betting odds, it helps if you understand how sportsbooks make money.  The goal for a sportsbook is to balance potential payouts among all the potential outcomes of an event so that the stakes from the losing wagers can cover the winning wagers.  Through the odds margins, the sportsbook will be left with a small percentage of the total amount wagered on the event as revenue for accepting bets on the event.

If the sportsbook does a poor job of balancing the potential payouts, they could be left to cover the winning bets from their own resources.  This is why handicaps and odds prices change.  When a lot of money is being wagered on one outcome, the sportsbook will lower the price on the heavily wagered-upon outcome and increase the odds price for the other outcome(s) and/or alter the handicap.  This is the sportsbook’s effort to shift betting interest to help balance the potential payouts.  If you are continually watching the odds and/or the line or handicap, you will know where the majority of money is being staked by the direction of these figures.

Sportsbooks build their profit margins into the odds across all potential event outcomes.  These margin percentages vary from sportsbook to sportsbook and betting market to betting market.  Some sportsbooks focus on providing excellent margin value on particular sports, while they offer higher margins on others. Some sportsbooks try to approach all sports with essentially the same margins.  Again, this is why odds comparison can really help if you want the best potential returns, which is really crucial for high stakes bettors.

Question: What are the best sports betting sites for wealthy, high-net-worth individuals that intend to be high stakes bettors?

Answer: The best VIP sports betting sites possess a unique combination of high limits, high odds & support large transactions.

High-Limit Betting Sites by Country

bet365 have essentially the highest win limits we have ever reviewed. Due to their wishes, we cannot discuss their actual limits, but they are ranked here for a reason.

bet365 VIP Review

Visit bet365 Now

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High-value sportsbook security and KYC procedures

When dealing with serious amounts of money, you especially need to be sure that your funds are secure.  Know that none of these betting sites have ever dealt with a hacking scandal of any kind.  Funds are held in segregated accounts and your money remains yours as it sits in the betting account.  All bookmakers use bank-level encryption to ensure your data transmission online is secure.  When you look to make your first withdrawal, their security teams will ask for verification of your account.  This is standard for all and is known across industries as KYC or Know Your Customer.  This is the procedure used to prevent the crime of money laundering.

As such, your online sportsbook will ask for you to upload scans of your ID such as a passport, drivers license, birth certificate, citizenship card or similar.  They will also then ask for corroborating documents that prove your place of residence such as a utility bill, credit card statement or similar.  As this is standard practice, you may want to complete this account verification early, so you do not have to wait for approvals when you want to process your first withdrawal.  Get verified early so your withdrawals can proceed smoothly and quickly.   

High-stakes betting sites with an early cash out feature

New to the online sportsbook scene is a feature that can help you protect both your profits and your stake money.  It goes by different names at each sportsbook that offers it, but it is essentially a feature that allows you to cash out or settle your bet before the match you wagered upon has ended.

How is this feature a useful tool to improve your experience?  Have you ever placed a bet on a soccer/football match,  maybe on the long odds for the underdog to win?  As you watch the match, things are falling right in line with your prediction, perhaps with an early surprise score in your favour.  But then, disaster strikes: a player on the team upon which you wagered has made an awful tackle and is punished by a red card with 20 minutes left.  In your mind, the result has been good until that point but the momentum had already swung and the sending off is likely going to be the tipping point that changes what was at one point looking to be a great result for you.

In the past, you’d have to wait out the final minutes with nothing more than hope that your team can hold onto the result.  Now however, there is no need to wait for what you feel is an inevitable lost bet in those final moments.  With the sportsbooks listed below, you can activate the early bet cash out feature to ensure you realize at least a partial profit on your bet.   The above example is just one description of the way momentum within a match can shift and this applies to any sport.  If you’ve ever been caught with a bad-beat due to a momentum shift, these early cash out features give you the power to protect at least a partial win before your bet becomes a total loss.

Above is just one situation that could arise in which you might like to take your partial profits on a match.  However, there are also times where you may simply want to preserve your stake.  Let’s assume you’ve made an early bet, days before an event of interest, and then a couple of key players pick up late injuries in training, vastly changing your perspective on the outcome of the event.  The early bet cash out features may also let you essentially get a partial refund on your bet before the match has even begun.  Obviously it’s a partial loss, but if you are certain the result would be a loss due to those injuries, getting any of your stake money back could be viewed as a bonus.

With each site that offers the early bet cash out feature, you can activate it before the match for a partial stake refund, or live during the match.  Note that the return amount is dynamic and changes with time and how certain the result appears to be.  The partial return will always drop off significantly if a score against your backed-team changes the impending result, like from a win to a draw or loss.  

For example, in the above situation with the red card coming with 20 minutes remaining while your team is ahead, if you wait until a goal is scored by the opposition, changing the potential result of the match, your early cash out return will then be vastly reduced, likely from a point of certain profit to a partial stake loss.    

The early bet cashing feature simply gives you more control over your bets with the ability to protect your profits and your stakes, and is a great tool to use if you follow the events upon which you bet as they unfold and will have access to mobile betting or your computer.  Some of the best cash out betting sites also offer very high limits.  All of our top high-limit sportsbooks offer come manner of early bet settlement feature.  Some are more advanced than others, and may apply to more sports, betting markets and bet types (singles and/or combinations).

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